What We Do

Stanmore Media Group:

We provide expert services to advertisers in real time bidding and combine the power of display, video, social, & mobile platform to encompass advertisement presence across wide swathes of the web.

What We Do

Online advertising objectives of every company and individual are unique, and thus the blueprint to fulfill those objectives should be uniquely planned and executed. We derive our identity from this very requirement to serve you according to your exact requirements and objectives. By making a platform of your objectives, we create a complete roadmap of your requirements in relation to the product or service offered by your website. By combining your video, mobile, web, and social media needs, we create a coherent online media vehicle to drive your objectives right up the destination.

As a part of our online services, we work on the following areas:
Social media and mobile advertising, pre-roll videos, and display advertising

Just like the real world, the virtual space also has strategic locations where the ROI from advertising is significantly more than others. We recognize these locations and concentrate upon providing advertising presence in these high-potential virtual locations. Based upon consumer behavior, we design and execute different types of online advertising methods.

Campaign Management

As per your requirements and the nature of your product, we do the management of your online campaign. We use constantly evolving and improving evaluation tools to track your online presence as well as the conversions. On a consistent basis we evaluate our strategy and make alterations to keep improving upon the results.

Real Time Bidding/DSP Management

With real time bidding, we give provide a large field of online exposure to your advertisements. With our perseverance and methods, we ensure that a large number of networks carry your ads and your presence gets recognition from a large number of users.

Advertising Operations Management

We have expert understanding of implementing campaigns, executing media buys, doing advanced reporting, providing optimization, and carrying out other associated practices. Our Advertising Operations Management adopts conventional tools and also aggressively explores new and more effective methods to push the limit of positive output.