Online Advertising

The information, ideas, opinions, impressions that we process and imbibe on a daily basis is increasingly coming from the Internet. It is the internet which is shaping our views and understanding about almost everything that life has to offer. Today, the internet is the biggest window to the world, and therefore, everything that one meets and observes here creates a strong and long-lasting impression. Need any more reason why online advertising is so effective!

Online advertising comes in many shapes and concepts. Some blink at you, others are spread-out like an Arabian Carpets, some are attention seekers, and tugging at your curiosity is the forte of some.

Banner Ads, Sidebar ads, pop-ups, pop-under, unicast ads, floating ads, etc. make up the line-up of ads on the Internet. Online advertising uses these ad types to convey product message and deliver product information. Apart from advertisements, there are other important advertising practices also i.e. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), and Pay per Click Marketing (PPC).

There are two kinds of sites for online advertising — content sites and e-commerce sites. Content sites are those which post information in the form of articles, write-up, videos, and pictures. E-commerce sites sell products through their websites. Both these type of sites feature advertisements, but the scope of advertisement is more in content sites.

The first step to online advertising is keyword research. An effective keyword research basically becomes a tool to reach the right consumers. Further planning in online advertising is based on the keyword research and also on the basis of consumer behavior on the internet — ever wondered why that shoe ad pops up on your screen just after you surf some shoe based websites.

After keywords, content is the most important aspect in Search Engine Optimization side of online advertising. Content has to be well-written, informative, fresh, and original. And to remain consistently relevant, content has to be kept fresh by writing it again and again. Of course, it goes without saying that the content should be rich in keywords. With fresh and keyword rich content, it becomes easy for websites to climb rankings in internet search requests.

Presence on the social media is also a very important part of any online advertising campaign. Social media is one online tool where there is no restriction on the size of word descriptions, videos, etc. It is one place where there is complete freedom to write as much as possible, to post as much as possible. Additionally, product information provided on social media can be repetitive and detailed. The process of information spread is more interactive based than being one-sided like usual advertisements.

A competitive media agency understands the importance of all aspects of online advertising, and based on the understanding, it designs a campaign which has the benefits of all these aspects.