Intro Guide to Online Marketing (but not search)

This is a guide for companies and individuals who are looking to introduce or even expand marketing on the web.  It’s written for individuals looking to understand the ins and outs of the online advertising business, ad tech and how all the players interact with each other.   Questions like ‘why am I seeing these ads’  and ‘are these relevant ads’ will be revealed and we will explain different marketing tactics technologies that work on the web.   Some of these are basic marketing posts, some are more advanced.
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There will be a bit of self-promotion, as I run an online advertising company.  Stanmore Media Group is an online advertising company that specializes in Real Time Bidding.  We have been in business for almost 3 years and help advertisers create brand lift to their page and drive leads and sales.

Marketers today have become aware of the power of technology tracking and the internet has EXPLODED.  Advertisers can now track their goals with online technologies in the form of a KPI – (Key Performance Indicator) and they can be more precise with their ROI (Return on Investment).  The tracking tools allow for different analytics that can give insight in to how customers are interacting with brands from a variety of different standpoints.

Some of the targeting that is involved is also rather insightful.  Understanding what time of day a user buys, or what browser they are on can reveal information about the user and their buying habits.  Knowing what cities customers are buying from, as well as which websites can also give marketers and idea on how to shape their future plans and even where to focus their resources.  We will chat more about different targeting points and in this blog we will go in depth to see how best to optimize your real time bidding campaign to profit the most.

For now, I think that is a good opening, next time I will chat more about the different data that you can obtain while making a marketing campaign.