What We Do

The Stanmore Media Group is an online media company that understands your online needs. We help advertisers translate their business insights into an effective online strategy. We provide a one stop solution for your video, web, mobile and social needs. Our mission is to maximize your ROI by leveraging industry leading technology while optimizing your campaigns, one impression at a time.

Solutions for Real Time Bidding

Robust Analytics

Media Buying & Planning

Superb Account Management

The ability to reach users across the web across thousands of different websites that focus on your audience. We leverage Real Time Bidding technology to target your audience and limit ad waste.

The ability to re-market your users who have already engaged with your brand allows for additional messaging and greater chances for higher ROI. Once that user becomes a customer, re-targeting them with a different or additional message can also make them long-term customers.

Ability to target and RE-Target your users across Facebook brings in social media marketing to a new level with higher returns and lower costs.

The ability to target and run Pre-Roll Video advertising across the web. We can report back completion rates, and target specific audiences and help build awareness via video.

With today’s market, you want to target different businesses. IP targeting allows for us to target specific business buildings, areas or homes within a certain demographic. This type of targeting works well targeting banks, colleges and other institutions.

Targeting ads within zip codes, we can focus on where people are buying your product and limit wasteful ad spend.



We are a growing organization that focuses on performance rather than titles. If you are interested in working at the Stanmore Media Group in Sales, Account Management, Ad Operations or are a newbie and looking for a new career, feel free to reach out to us - advertising (at) stanmoremediagroup (dot) com.
We look forward to hearing from you!

About Us

Stanmore Media Group launched in 2011 as an audience focused media company providing solutions for Real Time Bidding. We have leveraged our experience with online advertising exchanges to build sophisticated strategies for clients that help drive performance for their campaigns. No two campaigns are alike and our custom solutions help each advertiser focus on their specific goals to drive ROI.